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It may surprise you learn, that there are a very small number of radio schools in the entire world. It may also surprise you that radio schools are not all the same. As you investigate each school, it will become quite obvious that each school offers different levels of training in radio broadcasting.

Unfortunately, some radio schools amount to nothing more than social gatherings with little or no time devoted to the student's true needs and expectations, often using outdated or poorly functioning equipment.

Whilst other schools, which may be affiliated with a university are excellent, utilising today's equipment, they are beyond the reach of most students because of their limited annual intake, geographic location or high entry fees.

Now here's the good news!

My carefully designed radio course, in conjunction with a state of the art broadcast studio, that's close to all major transport, will help you enter the world of radio broadcasting at the highest possible level and, most importantly, within your budget.

And we'll even help you find that job!

So, if you think you have what it takes to be a radio star, give me a call on (02) 9555 8671 or mobile 0411 794 445
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and we can have a confidential chat.

And if after we do, if you decide radio isn't for you, then at least you won't go through life regretting that you didn't at least investigate the possibility.

Good luck!
Ian MacRae

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Houston radio personality Michael Harris has removed himself

from the airwaves indefinitely after accusing his boss of

financial fraud at black themed KCOH.


The ghost station of Omaha is a mysterious radio signal at

1490 AM, seemingly without owners, advertisers or disc jockeys,

that plays a continuous loop of artists such as Buddy Holly,

Petula Clark and Bobby Darin, Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand.


After saying that Fort McMurray, Canada, as a result of oil

production in the town, looks like Hiroshima after the 1945

nuclear attack, local radio station Rock 97.9 has banned his music

from its airwaves.


More than 70 years after Orson Welles' infamous War of the

Worlds broadcast, a series of radio ads about a bogus alien

invasion have spread panic among residents of a rural Alabama



The presenters of an Atlanta,Georgia sports radio show called

“Mayhem in the AM”, have been fired after mocking a former NFL

player who has Lou Gehrig's disease.


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